English Medium,Co-Educational, Senior Secondary, Affi. to CBSE, New Delhi 

Kindergarten Block

The first block to the left upon entering the campus consisting of colourful, airy, well lit, air conditioned rooms to suit the need of tender hearts.



To cater to the insatiable curiosity of the young minds, a well equipped library finds a place in the kinder garten block, housing books of various interest related to science, arts, environment, literature, general knowledge and the like.

Activity Room

In order to give expression to the child’s creativity, a well-equipped activity room exists in the school where the kinder garten students give vent to their wild imaginations with the help of the many props placed within the room.

Music and Dance rooms.

To fulfill and nurture these talents in the students, the western music, classical music  and dance rooms give vent to the rhythm and expression of the budding talents. Well equipped with musical instruments and scrupulously designed, these rooms are a place of peace, harmony, happiness and exuberance.


A well equipped infirmary to take care of the ailing children, is housed within the Kinder garten Block. Regular visits of doctors to administer medical problems in the form of medical check up camps are organized.