English Medium,Co-Educational, Senior Secondary, Affi. to CBSE, New Delhi 

Senior Block

A picturesque block housing spacious class rooms and staff rooms set beside the mini sports complex.Class rooms are the heart of school building from where knowledge is imparted to the enthusiastic and keen students.



Books are a store house of knowledge and library of this block nurtures the desire to explore into this world of books. Massive library with collection of more than 10000 books.

Art Room

To give wings to the passion of a painter, art room has been established to refine the aesthetic faculty of the students through understanding of aspects and minds of varied hues.

Computer Lab

The onus for shrinking the entire world to the size of a small family lies with computer. To keep our young wizards abreast with the latest technology workplaces have been setup for students to have a rendezvous with the computers.

Music and Dance auditorium

To fulfill and nurture these talents in the students, the western music, classical music  and dance auditoriums give vent to the rhythm and expression of the budding talents. Well equipped with musical instruments and scrupulously designed, these huge rooms are a place of peace, harmony, happiness and exuberance.

 Physics Lab

The spacious and bright Physics lab is the favourite haunt for all the Newtons in the making, where they experiment and come out with new inferences.

 Chemistry Lab

A well equipped chemistry lab, operational with test-tubes ,and other common chemical apparatus finds many aspiring scientists engrossed in experimentation . Apart from these, the lab is modernized with a fume chamber and electrical balances.

Biology Lab

A very interesting corner of learning, where unfolds the greatest mysteries of life. It is here that each young learner watches with wonder the first signs of life under the microscope.

 Math Lab

Maths lab has been set to discover the wonder land of numbers and to cast a site the phobia of Maths .Carefully designed activities are held in this lab to equip the students with the magic in Maths.

Resource Lab

This lab specially designed to equip the educators offers an opportunity to nourish their teaching – learning skills, providing them with latest updates and helps them to maintain the school records through an ERP Solution.