The beginning of Good Shepherd Public School , Sriganganagar dates back to 1994 when the long cherished dream of Mr. Manjit Chimni , Ex Commandant,  took shape in the form of a school. The motivational force behind this noble endeavour  of Mrs Jatinder Chimni  to open an educational institution for the children of Sriganganagar to prepare them for the competitive global world. 
It became functional on 4th April 1994 at Jawahar Nagar  with 9 children enrolled initially. The institution offering comprehensive education for the school children gradually progressed and shifted to its own building in the year 2000.Today the school stands proud amidst 4 acres of lush green landscape, houses more than 2500 students, promises to give to the world learned & intellectual citizens of tomorrow.

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Good Shepherd Public School